Breaking News: Marc Celestin AKA Marco resigned from Omega Mizik…..

These are snapshots we took from Omega Mizik’s Facebook page and the full Letter is posted below

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I, Marc Celestin, have resigned from Omega Mizik where I’ve held the position of band manager and sound engineer. I will also no longer have a controlling Interest in the band. Although managing and engineering Omega Mizik for the past eight years, I am unable to see myself continue to preform well in a micromanaging ministering environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that making this decision has been very difficult. Managing and engineering Omega Mizik has been such a positive experience and one for which I am grateful. I have gained much here and have enjoyed ministering the gospel through music with Omega Mizik. But every good thing must come to an end.

I’m not very proud to go, but I am convinced it is the best for Omega Mizik and myself. As everyone knows I do what I do with all my passion, enthusiasm, and energy. I give my all to achieve perfection at its best. My Lord God deserves the best of the best. But Omega Mizik needs change! They need a new voice — a new message — to come from another leader. No worries, this was a mutual decision from both myself and Omega Mizik.

However, I am excited about new ventures that I am undertaking. Many new challenges and phases in my near personal and professional future. Rest assured that I will remain more active than ever in ministering the word of God through music and will continue full throttle in encouraging and spotlighting the wonderful progress being made in the GMI.

So affective immediately, please forward all managerial, band related information and or booking to David Celestin and Isma Jeffery. As they look for persons to fulfill these positions.

I wish nothing but success for Omega Mizik moving forward. I would like to thank Omega Mizik for allowing me to be part of the team. I still stand behind this new album being the best Christian band album on the current market. If you don’t have your copy, get it ASAP. Don’t miss out! “An Nou Louwe” will become a standard in the GMI. Please support Omega Mizik in all their future endeavors. Even if I’m not there physically, I am there with them in spirit.
God Bless!
Marc Celestin

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