Here are some possible reasons behind Omega Mizik and Marco’s Split?.

Here are some possible reasons behind Omega Mizik and Marco’s Split?..
1- From a close source we have learned that Marco is a founder member of the band which first, was not mentioned on the introduction video Omega Mizik did. Click here to watch the video Can this be the reason or No? 
2- Another source told us that this is not a problem between both parties but a change for progress. Marco may not have enough time for the band.. Remember Marco is a Pastor and he also works. Is this really the reason or NO?
3- Another source told us that since Omega first planed to drop their video “an nou louwe” Marco was the one paying for everything. Marco on his side refuse to drop a video that doesn’t please him. Some members wanted to drop the video regardless of anything but Marco resisted and say to wait until he made other arrangements. The members were not so happy with him. Is this the reason or No?
4- More is coming but for now think about these. But we are waiting to here from both parties on this subject at this time.
Now the best question is, Was he forced to resign or was it his choice? Another way of saying, did they fire him from the band? Who is the new manager now? Is he good enough to take care of Omega’s business like Marco? 
What do you think?
NB: pa gen anyen ki konfime pyès nan sa ki di la yo so li byen. 

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