Activist Hugues Sanon takes a stand

Activist Hugues Sanon takes a stand

Hugues Sanon who has been promoted almost all Haitian artists denounced some so called producers who are taking advantages from our Haiti models, singers, actors and poets.
Here what the humanitarian who is preparing to assist one thousand kids by providing them schools supplies and toys posted on his Facebook page:

Hear me, you Models ! Listen, Singers!
For today i will speak on your behalf.

Hey! Fake Producers and directors.

I will prevent you from using our Haitian stars to enrich your pocket.
I will not leave any room for any so called producers, directors and/or whatever name they may give themselves to use and imprisoned our Haitian Models, actors, singers, dancers and poets. They are Charlatans and I shall stand against their intention to use our talented young men and women to make money for themselves.

Let me ask you a few questions Ms Director and Mr. producer or promoter:
How many contracts have you signed for them?
How many professional video have you done for them?
How many photo shoots did you pay for them?
How many articles have you written about them?
How many trips have you paid for them?
How many hotel room did you secure with your own money for them?
Did you not make them pay for everything, including food?
Did you not give the Sash, the titles to your sister, your cousin and friends when you pushed away the most talented ones?
Did you not give the Awards to those who only give you money?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
You should delete yourself from the community.
All the States in unison say they will no longer open their doors for you to do your nonsense pageants, concerts, banquets to enrich your pocket.
Bye bye Charlatans

We need strong men like Hugues Sanon to speak up when our people are in danger.

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